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Lesson 3. Making Ends Meet [英語イデオム]

Barbara: You're a clotheshorse.
Harriet: I know. I love dressing up.
Babara: Do you shop around a lot for bargains?
Harriet: I'm lucky. I work for a department store and I get a discount on merchandise.
Barbara: That's great because everything is sky-high.
Harriet: Yes, it's difficult making ends meet.
Barbara: We have to cut corners.
Harriet: Me too. I've cut down on luxuries.
-- from Idiomatic American English

Lesson 2. Footing the Bill [英語イデオム]

Florence: I'm always running out of food.
Tina: Why don't you pick up some odds and ends at the store?
Florence: Because I'm fed up with having to foot the bill. I don't like to throw my money down the drain.
Tina: Have everyone chip in.
Florence: No, just skipt it.
-- from Idiomatic American English

Lesson 1. Having a Ball [英語イデオム]


Tina: I feel like having a ball. Let's splurge.
Barbara: Forget it. I'm broke.
Tina: Don't worry. I'll pick up the tab. I'm loaded today. I'll treat you.
Barbara: No, we'll go Dutch. I don't like to freeload.
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